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Who played Chandler Bing
Who guess stared in the show for free
Who played Tag Jones
Which friend was 'spit on by a pimp'
Who was the first friend to know about Chandler and Monica
In what season was the 100th episode
What fruit is Ross allergic too
What shell fish is Ross allergic too
What flat does Monica live in
In what year did the last season end
What is Joey's 'Fake' name
How many sisters does Joey have
Who does Chandler run into at the Fertility clinic
How Many friends episodes were there
What name is stated on the Tv guide sent to Chandler and Joey's apartment
In what round did Monica and Rachel loose the apartment to Chandler and Monica
What is Joey's barker lounger called
Where did the cheesecake come from that chandler stole from Mrs. Braverman's Door. (the store name)
Who was originaly cast a Chandler Bing
What was the original name of friends
What is Chandlers dads burlesque show called

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