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What was the original Water Park at WDW1976-2001
approximately how many buses run the Disney Transportation SystemGrater than 100
What is 'World Of Motion' Currently calledPre 1999
When was River Country officially announced not to open againNot the year it closed
In what year did the newest monorail addadBuilt using the two trains that crashed and is known as the teal monorail
How big in area is Walt Disney WorldSq Miles (no units needed)
How many Monorail Trams are available at WDWOriginally 14
How many Parks are there at WDWIncluding or Not Downtown Disney
What do you ride to get to the Hotel from the Airport --
What year did the monorails crash at WDW--
When did EPCOT oppenIn October
When did MGM studios Get renamedin January
The ride is often closed when there is rain about EPCOT
What is connected to The Beach Club --
How Many DisneyLand Locations Are thereWDW counts as one
The year in which the Original park oppendIn July
How Many rides are there in total at WDW--
How Many rides are there at Magic Kingdom--
What Does EPCOT stand for--
What year did Walt Disney buy the Star Wars franchise --
The Year in which steam boat willy was released Featuring Mickey Mouse
The Victorian Style HotelMagic Kingdom Area
What is the area on which WDW called 2 possible answers
When did the WDW Monorail begin operations Now including an EPCOT line
How many NON owned by Disney Hotels are there on Disney NOT OWNED BY DISNEY

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