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QUIZ: Can you name the Passenger jet models that Boeing sold since year 2000?

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Planes offered from 2000-2010Model and seriesAdditional Info
Introduced 1999The only T-Tail in 2000s Boeing lineup.
Introduced 1998'Baby Boeing'
Introduced 1998Southwest Airlines' mainstay.
Introduced 2006BBJ's passenger carrier model
Introduced 1998Ryanair!
Introduced 2001Still from Renton, WA.
Introduced 2007The first prototype carries launch customer's logo on its tail
Introduced 1989Queen of the skies.
Introduced 2002Big, but doesn't carry as much people.
Introduced 1982Heavy narrowbody.
Introduced 1999Probably the biggest narrowbody offered.
Introduced 1984Can do any of 707's role.
Planes offered from 2000-2010Model and seriesAdditional Info
Introduced 1986The smallest of the widebody currently produced.
Introduced 1999This only exist in North America.
Introduced 1995Intended for North American market only.
Introduced 1997Carries around 350 passengers in ideal long range.
Introduced 1998The longest Boeing.
Introduced 2006This can cruise farther than any other Boeing in the market.
Introduced 2004Carries the most powerful engine.
In developmentThe smallest of the new plane lineups.
In developmentThis is the first series of the new plane.
In developmentThe biggest series of the new plane.
In developmentStretched, re-engined, re-winged, etc.

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