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Can you name the Romilda Vane, Bertha Jorkins, Susan Bones?

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Romilda Vane's Year of Birth
Romilda Vane's School and House
Romilda Vane's Place of Birth
Was Romilda Vane in the DA
How does Romilda Vane alsmost kill Ronald Weasley
What year does Romilda join Hogwarts
Who is Romilda's crush
Romilda's Hair Colour
Romilda's Eye Colour
When Being Defended by Aberforth Dumledore from the Dementor's, in which position from the left in the row of people did she stand?
Bertha Jorkins' Date of birth
Bertha Jorkins' Date of Death
Bertha Jorkins' Place of Death
Bertha Jorkins' Cause of Death
Bertha Jorkins' Gender
Bertha Jorkins' Former School
Bertha Jorkins' Occupation
Bertha Jorkins' Loyalty
Who Wiped her Memory
What Did she Regularly Complain About During her School Years?
Susan Bones' Place of Birth
Susan Bones' Blood Status
Susan Bones' House
Susan Bones' Species
Susan Bones' Gender
Susan Bones' Loyalty
Was Susan Bones a Member of the DA
Susan Bones' Most Mentioned Relative, and Their Relation
Which Two Vile Slytherin Students Bully Susan Bones?
Who Did Susan Bones Work Next To in Second Year Herbology Class?

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