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Who is the mother of the Boy Who Lived
Wife of
Father of son who was adopted by
Parents of
Who is given a pig's tail by
Was expelled because of this person
Mortal Enemy of
Who defeated which wizard in 1945
Who was in possession of which artefact
Owned by which family
Who lived where
Which is inhabited by this author
Who is the favourite author of
Who marries
Who's mischievous older brothers are
Who are hated by this professor
Who is replaced by
Who invites which Weasley child to his dinner
Who briefly dates
Who is best friends with
Who blows up a feather in who's class
Who's height is measured by
Who fires
Who is comforted by
Who is head of the house of
Who has a sword that is pulled out of the sorting hat by
Who's parents are tortured by
Who is cousins with
Who's werewolf comrade is
Who is married to
Who rescues a certain curious Ravenclaw
Who's father is the editor of
Who's rival magazine is
Who's content is overlooked by (in the first five books)
Who out of fear arrests whom

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