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Pluto was discovered in what year?
Who was the astronomer who discovered Pluto?
Venetia Burney suggested naming the planet 'Pluto.' How old was she when she made the suggestion?
This famous entertainment magnate named a character after the new planet. Who was he?
What new element of the periodic table was named after the planet?
Pluto's discovery contributed to the debunking of a theory positing that an additional planet existed beyond Neptune. What was the name of this supposed planet?
Pluto is a part of what asteroid belt that exists beyond the orbit of Neptune?
In 2005, this celestial object was discovered beyond Pluto's orbit that called into question the definition of a planet?
What is the name of the astronomical organization that re-defined Pluto as a dwarf planet?
In what year was Pluto downgraded from planet to dwarf planet?
These two American states have passed resolutions declaring that Pluto is still a planet when seen in their skies.
The American Dialect Society has voted this word, a variation of Pluto's name, to mean 'demote or devalue something.'
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One year on Pluto is equal to how many years on Earth?
What is the term used to describe an orbit that Pluto has, which is substantially above/below the ecliptic plane, or the flat plane around the Sun on which the other planets orbit?
Pluto's orbit is this kind, which is significantly closer to the Sun at one end, and farther at the other?
A day on Pluto, or the time it takes the planet to revolve one time, is equal to about how many Earth days?
98% of the surface of Pluto is the ice form of this gas, the 7th element on the Periodic Table?
The surface area of Pluto is roughly equal to this country on Earth?
How many moons does Pluto have?
What is the largest moon of Pluto?
What is the name of the space probe that explored Pluto up close?
What was the date of that space probe's closest approach to Pluto?
That probe discovered an area of light coloration on Pluto's surface shaped like this human organ?

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