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Can you name the Decisive Battles in each of the wars listed?

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WarDecisive BattleFactoid
Byzantine-Seljuk Wars (1048-1308 CE)
First Baron's War (1215-1217 CE)
Mongol Invasion of Eastern Europe (1241 CE)
Seventh Crusade (1248-1254 CE)
Mongol Invasion of Palestine (1260 CE)
Second Mongol Invasion of Japan (1281 CE)
Franco-Flemish War (1297-1305 CE)
First War of Scottish Independence (1296-1328 CE)
Hundred Years' War (1337-1453 CE)
Castilian Civil War (1366-1369 CE)
WarDecisive BattleFactoid
Muscovite-Golden Horde War (1380 CE)
Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic War (1409-1411 CE)
Crusade of Varna (1443-1444 CE)
First War of the Roses (1459-1461 CE)
Second War of the Roses/Warwick's Rebellion (1469-1471 CE)
Third War of the Roses/Henry Tudor's Invasion (1485 CE)
Second Italian War (1500-1503 CE)
War of the League of Cambrai (1508-1516 CE)
Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire (1519-1521 CE)
Italian War of 1521/Four Years' War (1521-1526 CE)

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