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Can you name the Decisive Battles in each of the wars listed?

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WarDecisive BattleFactoid
First Persian Invasion of Greece (492-490 BCE)
Second Persian Invasion of Greece (480-479 BCE)
Peloponnesian War (431-404 BCE)
Alexander the Great's Invasion of Persia (336-323 BCE)
Phyrric War (280-275 BCE)
Second Punic War (218-201 BCE)
Gallic Wars (58-50 BCE)
Roman-Parthian War (53-51 BCE)
Caesarean Civil War (49-45 BCE)
Wars of the Second Triumvirate (43-42 BCE)
WarDecisive BattleFactoid
Antonian-Octavian Civil War (32-30 BCE)
Roman-Germanic Conflict (9 CE)
Roman Civil War of Constantine and Maxentius (306-312 CE)
Gothic War (376-382 CE)
Hunnic Invasion of Europe (434-453 CE)
Umayyad Invasion of Gaul (719-759 CE)
Norman Conquest of England (1066-1088 CE)
First Crusade (1096-1099 CE)
Third Crusade (1189-1192 CE)
Anglo-French War (1202-1214 CE)

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