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Can you name the Deceased Characters (the people who died) in the Superman Movies?

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Actor/MovieCharacterHow Killed/Died
Marlon Brando (Superman)Planet Explodes
Susannah York (Superman)Planet Explodes
Various Actors and Extras (Superman)Planet Explodes
Glenn Ford (Superman)Heart Attack
Terrence Stamp (Superman II)Is thrown into Fortress of Solitude by Superman
Sarah Douglas (Superman II)Punched off Fortress of Solitude by Lois Lane
Jack O'Halloran (Superman II)Falls off Fortress of Solitude
Various Actors and Extras (Superman II)Battle of Kryptonians/Zod attacking cities and DC
Various Actors and Extras (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace)Battle Between Superman and Nuclear Man
Mark Pillow and Gene Hackman (Superman IV: The Quest For Peace)Burned Into Energy and Power for the City
Actor/MovieCharacterHow Killed/Died
Noel Neill (Superman Returns) Old Age
Various Actors and Extras (Superman Returns)Killed By Piano and Falling Rocks
Russel Crowe (Man of Steel)Stabbed by Zod
Ayelet Zurer (Man of Steel)Planet Explodes
Various Actors and ExtrasPlanet Explodes
Kevin Costner (Man of Steel)Tornado
Michael Shannon (Man of Steel)Neck Snapped
Various Actors and Extras (Man of Steel)The Worldmachine/Battle of Kryptonians and US Army
Various Actors and Extras (Man of Steel)Died Engaging Zod's Army

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