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Original Name?
Born on December 28th of what year?
In 1941 began working at what comic company?
Under publisher?
The first comic book he worked on starred what hero?
In 1942 he entered the US Army where he served under what title?
Married his current spouse Joan Clayton Boocock in what year?
When by that time he was promoted to what position?
He didn't want to use his real name when writing comics because?
By 1951 the company was now known as?
In 1961 he teamed with what legendary artist?
To create what 'First Family'?
And at that time the Company became known as?
He often made the names of his characters have the same initials for what reason?
In 1962 he teamed with?
To create what 'Amazing' hero?
His motto is?
Which is also the motto of what US State?
Beginning in the 1960s he was host to what monthly column?
He has had how many children?
He is the figurehead of Marvel Comics for having created many of its characters, such as?
His first Marvel film cameo appeared in what TV film?
He helped begin Marvel Entertainment whose first feature film was?
His first film cameo in a theatrical film was in?
He now has written into his contract to appear in what kind of Marvel Films?
In the 2005 Fantastic Four film, he appears as what character that he created?
His first speaking role in a cameo was in?
He appears as himself in what cameo(s)?
He wrote what series in 2000 for DC Comics?
In 2005 he started his own comic book company called?
The Name of his current YouTube Channel is?
He's Stan the? (His nickname)

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