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Can you name the Deceased Characters in the Batman Movies?

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Actor/MovieCharacterHow killed:
(5 unknown actors): Batman (1966) Contact with anything
Jack Nicholson: BatmanGargoyle Statue and fall from enormous height
Tracey Walter: BatmanThe Joker
Jack Palance: BatmanThe Joker
William Hootkins: BatmanJack Napier (at Axis Chemicals)
Jerry Hall: BatmanThrown out the window (suicide?)
Danny DeVito: Batman ReturnsExplosion, and death of wounds
Cristi Conaway: Batman ReturnsFalls off roof after Umbrella filled with bats opens and scares her
Christopher Walken: Batman ReturnsCatwoman and a Taser kiss
Ed Begley Jr.: Batman ForeverThrown out Wayne Industries window by Edward Nygma
(Parents of Robin): Batman ForeverFell From Trapeze
Tommy Lee Jones: Batman ForeverToo many confusing coins
John Glover: Batman and RobinA poisonous kiss
Actor/MovieCharacterHow killed:
Richard Brake: Batman Beginsa woman sent by Falcone
Liam Neeson: Batman BeginsA train crash
Ken Watanabe: Batman Beginswreckage from a burning building (during a fight with Bruce)
Aaron Eckhart: The Dark Knightfell from height
Eric Roberts: The Dark Knightdied in Car crash after driver was shot by Two-Face
Tom Hardy: The Dark Knight RisesShot by Bat-Pod (Catwoman)
Marion Cotillard: The Dark Knight RisesShot, and vehicle crashed
Maggie Gyllenhaal: The Dark Knightexplosion
Matthew Modine: The Dark Knight RisesWar with Bane's ciminals
Linus Roache and Sara Stewart: Batman BeginsShot by Joe Chill
Chin Han: The Dark KnightBurned to death on a pile of money by the Joker
Colin McFarlane: Batman Begins/The Dark KnightDrinks poisoned Joker drink in his office
Nestor Corbonell: The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Risesexplodes during a Gotham Football game

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