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Author of 'Magical Me'
Husband of Lily
Best friend of Cho Chang
Weasley family owl
Gateway Inn between London to Diagon Alley
Bulgarian Seeker
The Boy Who Lived
Half-brother of Hagrid
Magical aid course, subscribed to by Argus Filch
Slytherin Girl, hold Hermione in a headlock
Class taught by Professor Flitwick
Student group taught by Harry Potter
Uncle of Harry Potter
Father of Cedric
House of Cedric Diggory and Hannah Abbott
The Grey Lady
Quidditch Commentator (HP 1-5)
Transfiguration Professor
Voldemort's Followers
Hogwarts High Inquisitor
Winning nation of the Quidditch World Cup
Marries Bill Weasley
Soul-sucking hooded creatures
School attended by Fleur Delacour
Home of the Dursleys
Dark Wizard defeated in 1945
Head over heels for Ron Weasley
Mother of 7, married to Arthur
Gryffindor Keeper (Bks 1-3)
Father of Luna
The Dark Lord's snake
Potions Master (Bks 1-5)
Village adjacent to Hogwarts
Dark Arts Alley next to Diagon
Headmaster of Durmstrang
Black family house elf
Herbology Professor
Three Headed Dog
Ron Weasley's Quidditch Team
Class taught by Professor Slughorn
Winged Beast seen when one has witnessed death
Half-Breed, Starwatching Race
Home of the Weasleys
DADA Teacher Bk 3
The Dark Lord
Governing Magical Body
Class taught by Professor Binns
Headmaster of Hogwarts, son of Kendra
Hagrid's Boarhound
Sister of Petunia
Wizarding drink sold at The Three Broomsticks
Dark object containing part of a soul
Cousin of Sirius, wife of Rodolphus
Ruby-encrusted weapon of Hogwarts founder
Parselmouth Hogwarts Founder
Wizarding Bank
Minister for Magic (Bks 6-7)

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