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1.Where do you get the Red/Blue orb in oras?
2.Who is the first water-type pokemon Brock catch in hoenn in the Anime?
3.What does the scientist in petalburg woods give you when you defeat the grunt in ORAS
4.Who is the pokemon league champion in pokemon emerald?
5.Who is the only ghost-bug pokemon?
6.The pokemon with the highest Hp base stat is?
7.Name one of the two pokemon with the lowest speed stat
8.Name one fo the 2 dual type starters dual type starter?
9.Which pokemon was supposed to be Ash's partner is the anime and was later replaced with pikachu?
10.In order to evolve into Dusknoir,Dusclops must be traded holding what item?
11.What item does a Turtonator have a 5% chance of holding when encountered in the wild?
12.Name the pokemon that a player gets after recovering the claw fossil
13.What is the % of encountering a female rufflet in the wild?
14.Where in the kalos region can you capture a Male Kangaskhan?
15.What does all the alola forms pokemon have in common?
16.What is the accuracy of the move Fissure?
17.How many Fire type Legendary pokemons are there until Gen 7?
18.Whats the color of a Raichu cheeks?
19.A single exeggcute is formed of how many COMPLETE eggs?
20.Whats the color of Linoone's eyes?
21.Whats the color of the head of a shiny Druddigon?
22.What item should a poliwrhirl hold while traded to evolve into Politoed?
23.Who is the only flying type pokemon with the ability serene grace?
24.What is the taste of a rawst berry?
25.Whats Lugia's second typing other that Flying?
26.What legendary pokemon appeared in the first ever pokemon anime episode?
27.How does the pokemon in question 9. Evolve?
28.What TM does steven give you in ORAS after finding him in granite cave?
29.Whats the TM number for protect?(TM...)
30.What pokemon is classified as the land shark pokemon?

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