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What is the Glitch Pokemon in Gen 1?
How many trainers can you battle in the battle resort in ORAS?
Where do you catch Rayquaza in Gen3?
Whats the name of the city hosting the 6th Gym in Gen 3?
What real life region is kanto based on?
How does Togetic Evolve into Togekiss?
Who is the pokemon with the number 100 in the pokedex?
who is the only pokemon with a local pokedex number of 000?
Who is the pokemon with the least base stats?
How does the pokemon in question 9 eveolve?
What are the odds of the random shiny encunter in Gen 2?
What does the move Bestow do?
Who has the ability Bad Dreams?
In what region is the Reflection Cave?
How Many types does the bug type resist?

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