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What was John Charles club that he was at before joining JuventusEnglish Club
John Charles is widely considered to be the most all round player the game has every seen what were his two most common positions
Charles played 38 games for Wales but how many did he score
In the 1955–56 season Charles broke a Leeds top flight goal scoring record with how many goals
While playing in Italy Charles was given a nick name what was it'Gigante Buono'
In April 1957 Charles captained Wales for the first time but who was it against
John Charles formed one of footballs great attacking trios but who were the 2 players part of this trioNickname - Trio Magico
By 1962, Charles and his family were feeling homesick and in August that year he returned to Elland Road but how much did he transfer forBetween 10000 - 100000
In 155 games for the old lady how many goals did Charles score
In the 1958 World Cup in Sweden. John Charles couldnt play in Wales last game of the tournament due to injury but who did he miss against
His debut came on 8 September 1957 for Juventus in a 3-2 win but what team was it againstCharles got the winner with the answer to question 8 getting one each
In his first season in Italy, Charles was Serie A's top scorer with how many goals
Charles came in 3rd in the Ballon D'or in 1959 but who won it that year

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