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the pope who crowned Napoleon
only Portuguese pope
first African pope
the city prefect of Rome and a Doctor of the Church
the second Medici pope, under whose rule Rome was sacked by imperial troops
the first pope after the end of the Great Schism of the West
issued the encyclical 'Rerum Novarum' on the status of the working class
the pope whose election resulted in the Great Schism of the West
the pope who patronized Bernini and persecuted Galileo
the pope who signed the Lateran Treaty with Mussolini, creating the Vatican City State
the pope who ended the 'Babylonian Captivity'
the pope accused of incest with his daughter, Lucrezia Borgia
the pope who built the Sistine Chapel
the pope who commissioned Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling
the pope in whose time Christianity became the quasi-official religion of the Roman Empire
the pope reigning at the time of the east-west schism
the first pope to change his name
the pope who condemned the French Revolution
the pope to whom Emperor Henry IV submitted at Canossa
the pope who presided over the peak of the Medieval Papacy and excommunicated King John of England
the first pope to visit the United States
the only pope to write his autobiography
the pope who crowned Charlemagne
the pope who called for the First Crusade
the oldest pope at the time of his election
the short-lived 'Smiling Pope'
the pope who commissioned the Trevi Fountain
the most recent pope to be canonized
the pope who excommunicated Elizabeth I
the pope who condemned the Templars and began the 'Babylonian Captivity' of the Papacy
the pope who convinced Attila the Hun not to sack Rome
the pope with the shortest reign
dissolute adolescent pope who resigned once and was deposed twice
the first Medici pope, who condemned Martin Luther
the pope who three times excommunicated Emperor Frederick II
the pope who reformed the calendar
the pope who convened the Council of Trent
the pope who convened Vatican II
the pope under whom the Council of Trent was completed
pope who was the illegitimate son of another pope
pope who established the index of forbidden books
pope whose body was dug up and put on trial
the only Slavic pope
the last pope to use his own name as his regnal name
the last pope to take a new name before John Paul I
the pope who formally protested the Peace of Westphalia
the pope who lost control of Rome during the unification of Italy
the last non-Italian pope before John Paul II
the pope who welcomed King Henry IV of France back to the Catholic faith
the first pope
the pope who preached the Second Crusade
the current pope
'Hitler's Pope'
the pope who fought with Louis XIV over the 'Gallican Liberties'
the last pope to crown the emperor at Rome
the pope who suppressed the Jesuits
pope when the Visigoths sacked Rome
the pope kidnapped by King Philip IV of France
the pope who is a character in Browning's 'The Ring and the Book'
the only English pope

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