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Can you name the Marshals of France created by Napoleon I?

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Honorary Titles(s)Marshalhint
Prince de Neufchatel, Prince de Wagram, Duc de ValenginNapoleon's chief of staff
Prince of the Empire, Grand Duke of Cleves and Berg, King of NaplesNapoleon's brother-in-law and cavalry commander
Duc de ConéglianoInspector-General of the Gendarmerie
nonevictor at Fleurus in 1794
Duc de Rivoli, Prince d'Esslingvictor at Zurich in 1799
Duc de Castiglioneinstrumental in the coup of Fructidor in 1797
Prince de Ponte Corvolater king of Sweden
nonefounder of the Helvetic Republic
Duc de Dalmatielater prime minister for Louis-Philippe
Duc de Montebellokilled at the Battle of Aspern-Essling
Duc de Trévisevictor at Ocana in Spain
Duc d'Elchingen, Prince de la Moskowa'the bravest of the brave,' shot for treason after the Hundred Days
Duc d'Auerstaedt, Prince d'Eckmuehlprobably Napoleon's most competent subordinate, victor of Auerstaedt
Honorary Titles(s)Marshalhint
Duc d'Istriecommander of the cavalry of the Imperial Guard
Duc de Valmyvictor at Valmy in 1792
Duc de Dantzigcommander of the 'Old Guard'
nonenegotiated the treaty of San Ildefonso with Spain
nonea veteran of the Seven Years War
Duc de Belluneled the rearguard at the Berezina in 1812; later Louis XVIII's minister of war
Duc de Tarentedescended from a Scottish Jacobite family
Duc de Reggiodefeated by the Swedish crown prince at Grossbeeren in 1813
Duc de Ragusedefeated by Wellington at Salamanca in 1812
Duc d'Albuferacaptured Valencia in 1812
nonenicknamed 'the Owl', defeated the Russians at Polotsk in 1812
nonenephew of the last king of Poland; killed at the battle of Leipzig
nonefailed to prevent Blücher from joining Wellington at Waterloo

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