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Can you name the historical figures involved with the Spanish Armada?

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Forced Order
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King of Spain who launched the expedition
original commander of the Armada, died shortly before it set out
actual commander of the Armada, a wealthy grandee with no naval experience
second in command of the Armada, died at sea during the return
commander of Spanish forces in the Low Countries, assigned to lead the land forces which were to invade England
Queen of England at the time
Lord High Admiral, official commander of the fleet defending England
English Vice Admiral, famous privateer and explorer
English Rear Admiral, famous shipbuilder
The queen's favorite, commander of the land forces assigned to defend England
Lord High Treasurer, chief minister of the English queen
English secretary of state and spy master
imprisoned Scottish queen whose execution provoked the war between Spain and England
French king, cowed into acquiescence with the Spanish
leader of the ultra-Catholic party in France, on the Spanish payroll
leader of the Protestant party in France
Captain-General of the Dutch armies, allied to the English
Pope who granted the Armada the status of a Crusade
English Catholic who plotted to overthrow the English queen and replace her with the Scottish one, leading to the latter's execution
Scottish king who did not object to the execution of his mother

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