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Can you name the people who got the second most votes at major party national nominating conventions?

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ConventionRunner UpNominee
1840 WhigWilliam Harrison
1844 DemocraticJames Polk
1848 DemocraticLewis Cass
1848 WhigZachary Taylor
1852 DemocraticFranklin Pierce
1852 WhigWinfield Scott
1856 DemocraticJames Buchanan
1856 RepublicanJohn Frémont
1856 AmericanMillard Fillmore
1860 Democratic (northern)Stephen Douglas
1860 Democratic (southern)John Breckinridge
1860 RepublicanAbraham Lincoln
1860 Constitutional UnionJohn Bell
1864 DemocraticGeorge McClellan
1864 RepublicanAbraham Lincoln
1868 DemocraticHoratio Seymour
1872 DemocraticHorace Greeley
1872 Liberal RepublicanHorace Greeley
1876 DemocraticSamuel Tilden
1876 RepublicanRutherford Hayes
ConventionRunner UpNominee
1880 DemocraticWinfield Hancock
1880 RepublicanJames Garfield
1884 DemocraticGrover Cleveland
1884 RepublicanJames Blaine
1888 RepublicanBenjamin Harrison
1892 DemocraticGrover Cleveland
1892 RepublicanBenjamin Harrison
1892 PopulistJames Weaver
1896 DemocraticWilliam Jennings Bryan
1896 RepublicanWilliam McKinley
1896 PopulistWilliam Jennings Bryan
1904 DemocraticAlton Parker
1908 DemocraticWilliam Jennings Bryan
1908 RepublicanWilliam Howard Taft
1912 DemocraticWoodrow Wilson
1912 RepublicanWilliam Howard Taft
1916 RepublicanCharles Evans Hughes
1920 DemocraticJames Cox
1920 RepublicanWarren Harding
1924 DemocraticJohn Davis
ConventionRunner UpNominee
1924 RepublicanCalvin Coolidge
1928 DemocraticAl Smith
1928 RepublicanHerbert Hoover
1932 DemocraticFranklin Roosevelt
1932 RepublicanHerbert Hoover
1936 RepublicanAlf Landon
1940 DemocraticFranklin Roosevelt
1940 RepublicanWendell Willkie
1944 DemocraticFranklin Roosevelt
1944 RepublicanThomas Dewey
1948 DemocraticHarry Truman
1948 RepublicanThomas Dewey
1952 DemocraticAdlai Stevenson
1952 RepublicanDwight Eisenhower
1956 DemocraticAdlai Stevenson
1960 DemocraticJohn Kennedy
1960 RepublicanRichard Nixon
1964 RepublicanBarry Goldwater
1968 DemocraticHubert Humphrey
1968 RepublicanRichard Nixon
ConventionRunner UpNominee
1972 DemocraticGeorge McGovern
1972 RepublicanRichard Nixon
1976 DemocraticJimmy Carter
1976 RepublicanGerald Ford
1980 DemocraticJimmy Carter
1980 RepublicanRonald Reagan
1984 DemocraticWalter Mondale
1988 DemocraticMichael Dukakis
1992 DemocraticBill Clinton
1992 RepublicanGeorge H. W. Bush
1996 RepublicanBob Dole
2000 RepublicanGeorge W. Bush
2004 DemocraticJohn Kerry
2008 DemocraticBarack Obama
2008 RepublicanJohn McCain
2012 RepublicanMitt Romney
2016 DemocraticHillary Clinton
2016 RepublicanDonald Trump

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