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Can you name the events which occurred in 1800?

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Forced Order
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January 7This future president of the United States is born
March 14This man is elected Pope
March 20The French general Kl├ęber wins the Battle of Heliopolis in this country
March 20This man invents the first chemical battery.
April 2This man's first symphony premiers in Vienna.
April 24The United States Congress passes a law establishing this still-existing institution
May 5The British parliament passes the act of union to unite Great Britain with this other kingdom.
May 18This Russian general, famous for his campaigns in the Balkans and Italy, dies in St. Petersburg
June 14Napoleon Bonaparte defeats the Austrians at this battle in Italy
June 14This Schiller play about a famous queen of Scotland premiers in Weimar.
July 18This former governor of South Carolina who was also the second Chief Justice of the United States dies.
September 5The British conquer this Mediterranean island from France
September 30The Treaty of Mortefontaine ends the 'quasi-war' between the United States and what country?
October 1By the secret treaty of San Ildefonso, Spain returns this large territory to France
November 1This U.S. President becomes the first to live in the White House
November 1This Vermont liberal arts college is chartered
December 3The French General Moreau defeats the Austrians at this battle in Germany

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