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Most Populous County
Most Extensive County
Smallest County
Second Most Populous County
How many million people live in NoVa?
Major Airport
Major Airport
Government agency based in Langley, VA
Defense agency based in Arlington, VA
U.S. Army post adjacent to Arlington Cemetery
Marine Corps Base in southern Prince William County
George Washington's home
Largest university
This separates NoVa from D.C. and Maryland
#1 independent city (2010 population)
#2 independent city
#3 independent city
#4 independent city
#5 independent city
#1 CDP (2010 population)
#2 CDP
#3 CDP
#4 CDP
#5 CDP
#6 CDP
#7 CDP
#8 CDP
#9 CDP
#1 Town (2010 population)
#2 Town
#3 Town
#4 Town
#5 Town
Area code

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