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Can you name the M*A*S*H actors by their initials?

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Forced Order
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MSLt. Col. Henry Blake
GBCpl. Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly
JHSgt. Zelmo Zale
HMCol. Sherman T. Potter
WCFather Francis Mulcahy
JMCpl. Igor Straminsky
DOSMaj. Charles Emerson Winchester III
WRCapt. John Francis Xavier 'Trapper' McIntyre
AAMaj. Sidney Freedman
OCLt. Ginger Bayliss
AACapt. Benjamin Franklin 'Hawkeye' Pierce
MFCapt. B.J. Hunnicut
KNLt. Kellye Yamato
JFSgt. Maxwell Klinger
LSMaj. Margaret Houlihan
LLMaj. Franklin Marion Burns
JOCapt. 'Ugly John' Black
GWBSgt. Luther Rizzo

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