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The Celtic Warrior
The Game
The Wrestling God
Texas Rattle Snake
Heart Break Kid
The A-Lister
The Legend Killer
The Bulgarian Brute
The Mastadon
The World's Largest Athlete
The Man that Gravity Forgot
The King Of Swing
The Ultimate Underdog
The Vigilante
The Show off
Version 1
Your Teacher
The Worlds Strongest Man
King of Flight
The Mouth of the South
Price Pretty
The Chosen One
The Animal
The Dead Man
The Worlds Largest Love Machine
The Submission Specialist
The inter-dimesional oddity
The Most Must-See WWE Superstar
fighting irishmen
beast incarnate
The New Face of Fear
The Champ
the Big Red Monster
The Axe Man
King Of Kings
The Giant
Mr No Days off
The Hulkster
The Lunatic Fringe
Half Man Half Amazing
The Bizarre One
The One Man Southern Rock Band
The King Of Bad News
Ru Ru
The Truth
The Eighth Wonder of the World
People's Champ
The Swiss Superman
The New Face of Destruction
The Second City Saint
mr wrestlemania
The Best in The World at what he does
hardcore Legend
The Yes Man
the viper
The All American American
The Prize Fighter
The Snake
The Big Guy
The anti-diva
The New Face of Desolation
Captain Charisma
Hot Rod
The Quintessential WWE Diva
The Phenom
Nature Boy
Ultimate Oppotunist
WWE's Biggest Little Man
The Gold Standard
The Bare Knuckle Brawler
The Beard
The Cerebral Assasain
The Charismatic Enigma
The Architect
Mr Monday Night
The Inspirational
Rated R Superstar
The Savior Of the masses
The Real Deal
The New Face of Vengeance
The Ballroom Dancer
The Phenomenal One
The Heart Of ECW
Brahama Bull
The Milan Miracle
The eater Of Worlds
The Voice of the Voiceless
The Big Dog
Long Island Iced-Z
Those Damn Dudley's
Queen Diva
The Funkasaurus
Dr Of Thuganomics
The Ayotollah of Rock'n'Rolla

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