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Complete the chain. Each question after question 1 involves an answer to a previous question

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Last eliminated by answer 1 in his 1st chamber match
event answer 2 won his 1st world title
Year answer 3 occured in
victorious Main eventer of Summerslam in answer 4
won WWE title off answer 5 while also holding Intercontinental Championship
First name of inaugural winner of award named after answer 6
Answer 7 favourite wrestler
Answer 8 NXT Mentor
Reality contest answer 9 competed in to become a WWE Superstar
runner up in 2015 answer 10
Beat answer 11 in his first match
Won Tag Team Gold with Answer 12
Married answer 13
Reality show Answer 14 is on
British Wrestler also featured on Answer 15
Title Answe 16 won on debut (___ title)
Longest reigning Answer 17
Twin of answer 18
Anser 19's twins Sisters Boyfriend
First title Answer 20 won in WWE (___ title)
Defended Answer 21 at wrestlemania 23
Challenged Answer 22 for Answer 21 at wrestlemania 23
Teamed with Answer 23 for Tag Gold
Brother of Answer 24
Match type Answer 25 had his last WWE match in
Won first NXT Answer 26 match
lost NXT title to Answer 27
Answer 28 was the inaugural one
2nd answer 29
Won then lostIC title back to Answer 30
Lost WWE title too Answer 31 after a Money in the bank cash in
Lost WWE title to Answer 32 immediately before he lost it to Answer 31
Stable Answers 33, 32 & 31 made up
Year Answer 35 disbanded
Ended the streak of Answer 1 in Answer 35
Location Answer 36 took his opponents to
Manager of Answer 36
Answer 38 managed him through the summer of _____
Answer of 39 liked to drop them
Answer 1 ended his career at wrestle mania
Answer 41 ended his career at wrestlemania
Answer 42, Answer 2 were in a stable with 2 others called
First one to leave Answer 43
Invaded Answer 44's home
Daughter married Answer 45
Son of Answer 46
jumped off one at Wrestemania 32
Answer 1 pushed him off Answer 48
Hardcore alter ego of Answer 49
Hippie alter ego of Answer 49
Portrayed answers 49, 50 and 51
Speared Anser 52 through a table at wrestle mania 22`
Bestfriend of Answer 53
Answers 53 & 54 debuted in a stable called
Answer 55 dropped from the ceiling onto Answer 48 to hang him
Daughter of answer 46 and wife of answer 45
Answer 57 become general Manager of __ after 2016 Draft
______ Vs. Answer 58
Year Answer 25 was forced to quit WWE
Answer 59 Vs. Answer 58, Answer 60 also featured
Answer 61 stood for
World Championship on Answer 62
First to hold Answer 63 and the WWE title simultainiously
Answer 64 Won the Second of these
The Year Answer 20 relinquished the WWE title due to injury and it was given to answer 44
winner of Answer 65 in Answer 66
Amount of times Answer 67 liked to say his name
First team two win the NXT tag Titles Answer 68
Wrestling school attended by answers 13 & 14
The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be to come out of answer 70
Brother of answer 72 who died in the ring
Answer 2 won in Answer 4
Inaugural Winner of Answer 74
The Year answer 20 won answer 73
Answer 39 came runner-up in 2008
Team of Answers 45 & 41
Team of cheerleaders Answer 77 feuded with
Year Answer 77 & 78 feuded
Winner of Answer 76 in Answer 79
Event Answer 64 won answer 65
Beat Answer 80 at Answer 81
Answer 82 favourite food
Loved doing Answer 83
Twin Cousin's to Answer 33
Father of Answer 85
Stablemate of Answers 85 & 86
Father of Answer 87
Stable made up of Answers 86, 87 & 88

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