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1960s. Mao campaign to rid China of Old customs old ideas, old culture, old morals
Tsangba Khan sacks Gelugpa monasteries. Tsangba tried to deprive Gelugpa monasteries. Tsangba tried to deprive Gelugpa of leadership of DL
1661-1722. Manchu Emperor. Estute politician. Wanted to persuade the Mongols to hate Tibet. Saw 'secrecy of the death of the 5th DL as betrayal.'
1920s-1930s. Brother of 14th DL. Eldest brother. Exiled from Tibet.
6th emperor of the Qin dynasty. 1st to establish diplomatic relations with Tibet and to attempt recognition by the Chinese Qin empire.
1938-1989. Choeky Gyaltsen. His death would cause controversy and Chinese conflict due to the 1994-95 kidnapping of the alleged proceeding figure
1850-1925. British States man sent the British expedition
1889-1960 First prime minister of independent India. Professed neutrality.
Ruling council in China. 2 high monks and 2 elites. Dalai Lama consults them. 13th DL set this up.
A Manchu word meaning 'high official different titles in Qing imperial gov't. Recognized as authority, but were not governed as regular provinces.
15th Century. Kingdom of Lo. Located in Nepal in Between Tibet and China.
Chinese general. Organized celebration for DL graduation. Wanted DL to come without bodyguards. Wanted to kidnap DL
1959. Established by 14th DL. Rehabilitating Tibetan refugees and restoring freedom and happiness in Tibet
1863-1942. British Army Officer famous for leading the expedition into Tibet 'in the hopes of GB having a diplomatic relationship'
10/7/50. Sent by Mao to attack Tibet. Led 18th Route Army
1945. Tibetologist. British-Indian born. Had a close relationship with 13th DL and wrote famous portrait on him.
1960s. Developed by Gayarti Spivak refers to a strategy that nationalities ethnic groups or minorities can use to present themselves.
1945-2001 King of Nepal sandwiched inbetween Asian poweres
Mao's #2 man. Said DL violated 17-pt Agreement. Created committee of Tibetan Autonomous Region. Starts collectivization.
1746-1789. Scottish diplomat was the first to establish European diplomatic relations with Tibet
1942. Developed 'strategic essentialism'
1957. Alleged deliberate attempts to flush out dissidents by encouraging them to show themselves as critical of the regime before wiping them out.
6/10/62. 350 chinese troops surrounded an Indian post at Chushul. Contacted Gurkha forces. Chinese did not want to fight for India.
From the Himalyan Hermatesse. Buddhist nun taught Organ Choki.
1850s. Suburb in India. It the home of the 14th DL and refugees of many Tibetans
1956. 'On the Cult of Personality' given by Khruschev in which he made statments for the first time against Stalin. Mao negatively called him a revisionist, began the spit between

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