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Can you name the 60 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries and Crimes in American History?

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1. Countless conspiracy theories and deep 'frame by frame' research has gone into this tragic moment in American history.
2. A mysterious crash that had occurred in the late 1940s
3. This unsolved 1990s murder became a media frenzy and immersed the public to this day.
4. This serial killer toyed with the press and terrorized the community, but alas he was never caught.
5. This side lost a major war after 3 cigars were found mapping out their plans.
6. The government only recently acknowledged this base existed at all, but what actually occurs there is a total mystery.
7. Did the assassination of this civil rights leader actually happen they way history has said it had?
8. We will never know what was actually said on those 18 1/2 minutes that were erased from a certain series of tape.
9. No one knows for sure what initially sparked a gruesome hysteria that occurred early in America's history.
10. He was a national star during the time his son was kidnapped. The exact circumstances and suspects of the case are still argued over.
11. She never made it back from her circumnavigational trip.
12. No one knows for sure exactly how this ancient Native American cutlure were so advanced for their time, or whatever happened to them.
13. This strange organization has thousands of members and has been around since the founding of America. They keep a secret very closely guarded.
14. The gruesome and surrealist-inspired murder of an aspiring L.A. actress.
15. There's been a lot of superstition over a curse involving the search for this mythical gold. Countless stories of men not returning help support these superstitions.
16. She was found not guilty for this legendary axing, but today more people believe she did it, than that she didn't do it.
17. Is he in a baseball stadium? Living in Cuba? Or sleepin' with the fishes somewhere else?
18. He may have gotten away with $200,000 and disappeared without a trace.
19. A mysterious word carved into a tree and an entire colony goes missing for eternity.
20. This notorious cowboy's death is considered a strange one. Is he really the person who is buried at his grave?
21. Did our government have previous knowledge about this infamous attack on American soil?
22. Was this assassin really the only person involved in this assassination, or did organized crime play a role as well?
23. An entire city unanimously agreed that they saw something strange in the night sky back in 1997.
24. This massacre wiped out 5 gangsters, but who pulled it off?
25. This one has actually been solved! People had wondered for years where this crime lord for South Boston was hiding.
26. During the McCarthy era this couple was executed under the political mayhem. Did they have to be?
27. Did this legendary bank robbing duo survive what is believed to be the gun fight that ended their lives?
28. What actually happened to this evangelist/media celebrity during the month she had gone missing?
29. These ancient works of primitive art continue still continue to contain many questions.
30. This unknown serial killer claimed he was a demon and killed 8 people in 1918 and 1919.
31. This 1920s-30s judge could've been offed or had a life long vacation to get away from a stressful life, but nevertheless he gave everyone a laugh during the Great Depressi
32. The most famous prison of all-time was said to be escape proof. Was it?
33. He's one of America's greatest writers, but his death is fittingly mysterious.
34. Several classic paintings were stolen over 20 years ago. They have yet to be returned or discovered.
35. A strange set of circumstances that have a bizarre relation to a 1947 crash...
36. This silent film legend's career was forever tarnished due to the death of a model/actress
37. A bipedal missing-link is said to be roaming many of the woods throughout the United States. Especially in the Pacific Northwest.
38. Could the most famous baseball player of all-time really call his hits?
39. A lot of mystery is around the death of the 1920's and 30's actress. She was found in her car, but was it really an accidental carbon monoxide poisoning?
40. A punch in the stomach is said to have ended the life of this mythical figure, but there are several other theories. Just more mystery to surround his life.
41. Where did this diamond first come from. It had a strange history until it was ultimately stolen in the 1960s.
42. The early 80s saw the rise of a very strange murderer in Chicago. This person is the reason why there are safety locks on medication bottles.
43. This case caused an uproar in the twenties, but did these two self proclaimed anarchists actually do it?
44. Where is this Jewish-American gangster's treasure? Does it exist at all?
45. Did this outlaw and hired gunman really kill the son of a sheepherding rancher?
46. Some speculate that one of the greatest, if not the greatest achievement in mankind was just a fake.
47. This infamous 1920s bombing has never had a name for its bomber.
48. An extremely strange event that involved an electrical pioneer, the Navy, and a disappearing ship.
49. Someone did it, no one knows who, or from which side, but it started the war that gained this nation's independence.
50. The murder of one of the top crime-lords of the Genovese Crime Family has many theories, but no definitve answer.
51. What really happened during this famous battle that involved the U.S., the Lakota, and one of the country's most famous generals?
52. This cryptid/demon/folktale has frightened visitors of the Pine Barrens for centuries.
53. The founder of a popular religion and his artifacts.
54. The end of one of the most recognizable figures in pop culture still has people guessing whether it was a suicide or a murder.
55. Some dedicated fans of one of the most famous and influential front man in rock history believe he is still alive.
56. No one knows for sure what happened to this late 1800s/early 1900s satirist, journalist, and short story writer.
57. Some theories suggest that this actor/assassin may have gotten away with one of the biggest crimes in American History
58.There have been many different theories as to who may discovered this specific country.
59. Some speculate that this early 20th century inventor may have developed a way to somehow power the world for free.
60. A very current and ongoing investigation involving a girl who went missing on her spring break.

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