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Can you name the places, people, hoaxes, and stories that surround the mysterious base?

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What state is Area 51 located?
The name of the supposed Area 51 whistle blower who claimed he back engineered UFOs?
Even more top Secret Sector where the apparent 'alien research' is being done.
What is the name of the lake this Sector is closest to?
What lake is Area 51 closest to?
What was the nickname for the model of UFO that was being tested on at Area 51 during the time that the whistle blower worked there?
What famous city is Area 51 just north-east of?
What is the name of the range in which Area 51 is located?
The most infamous/formerly-largest building at Area 51. (Building of the same name is located in Ohio)
Name of the publicly known group who investigated UFOs in the 1940s and 1950s
Name of the top secret/possibly non-existent group who 'really' investigated' UFO reports, especially the incident in Roswell, New Mexico
Given name of the anonymous whistle blower who claimed he had leaked an interview that had been done on an actual alien being (hoax).
What year did the government actually acknowledge the existence of the base?
The name of the spot/marker where tourists go in the hopes of seeing UFOs being tested on within the base.
The nickname given to the highway that is located close to the base.
The famous diner/motel located near Area 51 where tourists come to tell their stories about UFOs and aliens.
The Radio Talk Show Host who had extensive interviews with both of the previously mentioned whistleblowers.
What you will be if you have answered too many of the these questions correctly.

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