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Can you name the Oscar-winning Best Actors who are still living?

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Winning Year(s)Name of ActorName of Film
2016Manchester by the Sea
2015The Revenant
2014The Theory of Everything
2013Dallas Buyers Club
2012, 2007, 1989Lincoln; There Will Be Blood;
2011The Artist
2010The Kings Speech
2009Crazy Heart
2008, 2003Milk; Mystic River
2006The Last King of Scotland
2002The Pianist
2001Training Day
1999American Beauty
1998Life Is Beautiful
1997, 1975As Good As It Gets; One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Winning Year(s)Name of ActorName of Film
1995Leaving Las Vegas
1994, 1993Forrest Gump; Philadelphia
1992Scent of a Woman
1991Silence of the Lambs
1990Reversal of Fortune
1988, 1979Rain Man; Kramer vs. Kramer
1987Wall Street
1985The Kiss of the Spider Woman
1983Tender Mercies
1980Raging Bull
1978Coming Home
1977The Goodbye Girl
1971The French Connection
1963Lilies of the Field

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