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Annual race that is half-contest, half-party
Tallest hill in San Francisco
Commonly mispronounced street name that runs parallel to Van Ness and Franklin
Corrupt ex-mayor of San Francisco known for his fashion sense and backroom deals
Before the Asian Arts Museum moved in, what was housed at 200 Larkin Street?
The Datebook section of the Sunday issue of the SF Chronicle is also called ,,,
Popular event that is always held on the last Sunday in September
Popular drag diva who hosted and ran Trannyshack for over 10 years
Due to its architectural design, Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption is affectionately known as ...
What would you find at 850 Bryant Street?
Mitchell's is an ...
Mitchell Brothers is a ...
The Loma Prieta earthquake occurred when?
J-Church, K-Ingleside, L ... what?
Local eccentric who carries a sign ('12 Galaxies')
Where did the Beatles give their final full concert?
Where would you hear David Hegarty and Warren Lubich on the Mighty Wurlitzer?
# of times that the 49ers have won the Super Bowl
Robin Williams' home was in which neighborhood?
How many supervisors serve on the Board of Supervisors?
Number of Walmarts located within city limits
Number of I-HOP restaurants located within city limits
Approximate number of Starbucks located within city limits
What happens on the last Friday of every month?
In what neighborhood would you find the intersection of Persia & Moscow?
In what neighborhood would you find the intersection of California & Park Presidio?
In what neighborhood would you find the intersection of Webster & Jackson?
'LGBTIQQ' ... What the hell does it stand for?
Which public high school has an auditorium named after alumna Carol Channing?
Which of the following was NOT born in San Francisco: O.J. Simpson, Benjamin Bratt, Courtney Love, Bonnie Raitt or Ansel Adams?

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