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Year BornNameFamous because of ...
1915Pulitzer Prize winning author ('The Caine Mutiny,' 'The Winds of War')
1915Banking. Chase Manhattan
1916Academy Award winning actress ('The Heiress,' 'To Each His Own,' Miss Melanie in 'Gone With The Wind')
1916Lifetime Achievement Oscar. Best known for his role in 'Spartacus'
1917Singer. 'White Cliffs of Dover'
1917Architect. John Hancock Tower
1918Famous Christian evangelist
1919Beat poet; owner of original beat book store 'City Lights'
1921Broadway's own Dolly Levi!
1921Emcee/host of 'Let's Make A Deal'
1922Emmy Award winning actress, best known for 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' 'Golden Girls' and 'Hot in Cleveland'
1922Singer/actress. 'Que Sera Sera.' Lifetime Achievement Oscar winner.
1922TV Producer, 'All In The Family,' 'Maude,' The Jeffersons.'
1922Cartoonist. Marvel Comics
1923Former Secretary of State (Nixon and Ford administrations)
Year BornNameFamous because of ...
1923Test pilot. First person to break the sound barrier.
192439th President of the United States
1924Automobile Industry Executive (Chrysler, Ford)
1925One of television's most famous 'moms' ('Lost In Space,' 'Lassie')
1925Actress, 'Gaslight' (movie), 'Sweeney Todd' (broadway), 'Murder She Wrote' (television)
1926Former long-term chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board
1926Founder of Playboy Magazine
1926Reigning monarch of the UK and its territories
1926Crooner, best known for 'I Left My Heart In San Francisco'
1927Oscar winning actor ('In The Heat of the Night,' 'Lilies of the Field')
1927Prolific playwright ('The Odd Couple,' 'Barefoot In The Park,' 'The Goodbye Girl')
1928Singer. He found his thrill on 'Blueberry Hill'
1928Linguist, activist, writer.
1929Surly boss figure, 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' and lead voice in 'Up'

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