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To express gratitude
To cogitate
Unidentified item
Antiquated pronoun
To glow
'Variety is the _____ of life.'
To cut, as pizza
Oily or greasy
To walk furtively
Cartoon sound of two glasses touching
To hold on to
To toss
Michigan city featured prominently in 2016 news
To pass out, or swoon
To apply color, as to walls
To indicate, as with a finger
Slang for marijuana cigarette
Enlists; becomes a member
The area of the body that includes the sexual organs
Noisy water birds
Cosmic objects that orbit a planet
Slang for animated pictures, as in Roger Rabbit
Screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches ... ?
Where to swim when you aren't near the water
Surveys, as during election time
Aspirin and other medications often come in this form
Factories or processing plants
A bad actor or comedian does this to a joke
The galaxy that includes our solar system is called the _____ Way.
Soft, as hair or spider webs
Goofy, inane, irreverent
Nickname for men named William
To pick on someone in a threatening manner
Completely, totally

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