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Can you name the facts about the Second Berlin Crisis?

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During what month of what year did Khrushchev issue his first ultimatum for Western Forces to withdraw from Berlin?
What is the name of the Presidential retreat attended by the Soviet and US leader to little effect?
What is Khrushchev's first name?
How many people applied for political asylum in West Germany in 1953?
Complete the phrase: The Four Power ______ ________
In what year did Kennedy make the 'Ich bin ein Berliner speech?
What date did Soviet forces begin erecting the Berlin Wall?
What did Khrushchev ask Eisenhower to publicly apologise for in May 1960?
What label was given to the loophole allowing high skilled professionals to leave East Germany?
What percentage of East Germans had left for West Germany by 1961?
Political Leader Anagram: ORNADK EARAUDNE
At what conference had the powers agreed that Allied personnel would not be stopped by German police in any sector of Berlin?
Where did the Stand-off between the US and Soviet tanks occur in October 1961?
What was the initial Berlin barricade predominantly made from?
What does NATO stand for?
How did the Western powers use the Wall as a tool for propaganda in the long run?
How long did the American National Exhibition of 1959 last in Moscow?
Complete the phrase: Soviet-________ ________ Agreement, 1958
What number of deaths due to trying to cross the Berlin Wall has been confirmed by researchers?
What exact date was the Wall eventually pulled down?

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