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This former Boston Celtic player famously went broke as a result of gambling with Michael Jordan?
Former Cleveland Cavalier, World B. Free's real first name is?
The 'White Mamba' refers to?
This teammate of Michael Jordan's claims that he never spoke with Jordan outside the basketball context?
In 2011, the NBA denied the trade of an All Star player to the LA Lakers. This player was?
Michael Jordan allegedly told team USA officials that he would not be a part of the dream team if the following player was invited to the Olympics?
This 1st round draft pick of the Boston Celtics died of a cocaine overdose before ever playing a single game in the NBA
The Los Angeles Lakers got their name due to the vast amount of lakes in and around their original location in this city
Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game was played in a stadium owned by this famous chocolate company
Dr. J (Julius Erving) was famous for playing in this hallowed basketball park before his NBA days
Chris Webber was one of the 'Fab 5' at this D1 college
This player-turned-coach once dished out 30 assists in a single game, a record that stands to this day
This NBA player, known for his high flying style of play only has 4 fingers on his shooting hand
The phrase 'Fear the Fro' famously referred to this NBA player
In the last game of the 1977-1978 NBA season, this player erupted for 63 points to win the scoring title by less than a point
The famous 2004 Pistons-Pacers brawl was quickly coined as the...
Who is the only person to ever win MVP, Coach of the year, and executive of the year throughout their lifetime
Patrick Ewing and this all star center from the 90's both played at Georgetown
This Israeli was a basketball standout with Ray Allen at Uconn before signing with Maccabi Tel Aviv
'The Big Ticket' was the nickname of this perennial NBA All Star
In 2011, this player set the record for most consecutive games with a double-double, reaching it 53 times in a row
The NBA instituted a rule stating that a shot requires at least .4 seconds on the shot clock in order to be counted, in response to a game winning shot by this player
This player recently had surgery to remove one of his testicles after getting hit in the groin by Ryan Anderson
He is the only player to ever record 2 separate Quadruple Doubles
This team holds the record for most consecutive playoff appearances
When Michael Jordan first wore his signature Jordan 1's in an NBA game the league fined him this amount
It is rumored that Nike mispronounced this All Star's name in their failed attempt to sign him to a shoe deal
This player holds the record for longest distance shot ever scored in the NBA (89 feet away from the basket)
This player, largely considered a bust, was the #1 draft pick ahead of Kevin Durant
in the 1984 draft, the Trail Blazers took Sam Bowie at #1, passing up on Michael Jordan who went 3# in the draft. Who was drafted at #2?
The Movie 'He Got Game' stars Denzel Washington and this long time NBA player
Michael Jordan played at college basketball for the University of North Carolina for this hall-of-fame coach
This player set a postseason record for most made free throws in a single game without a miss (24 for 24)
This NBA player's father is a retired NBA player, and his brother is a current MLB player
Kevin Garnett once told this player he was 'a cancer to his team'

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