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Start in the very northwest of the USA. (Think Space Needle)
Get your buddies and take a 2,000 mile road trip east to visit the tallest building in America.
Continue the road trip to the most famous city in the world.
Pack your bags. Fly across the atlantic for a Eurotrip. You gotta start by visiting the Guiness Brewery
Ferry east to the next island over and watch the Red Devils thrash the Citizens.
Hop across the North Sea to the most expensive city in the world. Pickled Herring anyone?
One more quick boat ride south to the largest city on the Jutland Peninsula.
Get out that EuroRail pass and lets cruise south to those Bavarian Beer Halls
Hike west across the alps to visit the headquarters of just about every international humanitarian organization. (Say that 5 times fast)
On the train again. Head down southwest to Andalusia and visit the famous Alhambra.
Enough of the typical european vacation. Lets get a cheap flight to the westernmost city on the African mainland.
Cruise south along the West African coast to this huge Nigerian metropolis.
Continue down the coast. When you get to the Congo River delta head upstream to a city formerly known as Leopoldville.
You're gonna need a guide to take you east across the continent to this city that the Maasai tribe calls 'cool waters'
Hike north through the highlands to this historical capital and historical seat of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.
Having visited ancient Christian relics, lets jump across the Red Sea to the most holy city of Islam. (You might have trouble getting in)
Lets round it out and join a bedouin caravan on the way north to the Wailing Wall.
Lets hitch a ride on a U.S. convoy and roll across the Syrian desert to this once capital of the Islamic Empire
Sail down the Tigris River and into the Persian Gulf to the tallest building in the world.
Sail out the Gulf of Oman to the largest city in Pakistan
Travel eastward inland. The train is extremely crowded, but you gotta see India's most famous monument.
Check for your shoes and continue northeast to this incredible melting pot of the Himalayas.
Wander in to Brad Pitt's best movie and climb over the Himalayas to this holy city of Buddhism.
Locate the headwaters of the Yangtze River and sail all the way to the mouth.
Sail east to the site of the most famous bombing in history,
Continue sailing, south this time, to the capital of this archipelego nation.
Sail some more, (where did you get this boat,) southwest across the entire South China Sea to the 'Lion City' at the tip of the Malay Peninsula.
Alright how about we fly this time, south to the largest western city on this 'small' continent.
Bush plane over the outback and across the Tasman Sea to this expanding hub of film-making.
See if you can get comfortable first class tickets for this 6,000 mile flight east to this bustling South American west coast capital.
Head east over the Andes to this huge metropolis on the Río de la Plata estuary.
Speaking of huge metropolis', lets head north up the coast to see the famous 'Christ the Redeemer' statue.
Continue up the coast to the Amazon delta and canoe upstream to the headwaters. Hike back west over the northern Andes and down into this famous drug lord's headquarters.
Go a short ways north to the coast and get in that boat again. Cruise north to the capital of a certain caribbean island with a reputation for much milder illegal substances.
Since you are American (you started in Seattle remember), you'll need to sneak north in to this next city on a cargo ship of certain cigars.
Fly west across the Gulf of Mexico (watch for oil), to the largest city in the Americas.
March north across the Rio Grande to the site of a famous last stand involving this country and the last.
Drive north until you hook up with historic U.S. Route 66 and follow it west until it ends at the coast.
Just a quick drive north on I-5 (my record is 12.5 hours) to the birth place of Nike, the death place of Steve Prefontaine and the home of the University of Oregon.
An even quicker drive north on I-5 (my record is 4.25 hours) back home in time to catch a grunge show.

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