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What is the weapon Stephan uses when he breaks into 711? (be specific)
Stephan swore he would never trade his dreams for (blank)
What does the palm reader sell Stephan..?
Former 3eb member made it big as drummer of this band..?
Stephan refers to his people as the (blank)
Which award winning movie did this 3eb collaborator get her big break? ..(name movie, not person)
In a song on UM, Stephan writes how he couldnt find the keys to his (blank)...?
What kept blowing Charlize into Stephans mind..?
Which Nascar driver lists 3EB as his all time favorite band..?
Stephan warns that his smile will not do what? (reference to a song on Self Titled)
In which song does Stephan refer to a famous Michael Jackson line..?
After a friend was sexually assaulted, Stephan writes that he wishes he could knock down some beers with her at which bar..?
Which capital city does Stephan not want to go to?
This song was written as Stephans last chance to win back the girl..?
The hammock that they spent time in was located where?
What eludes Stephan so far? (UM for reference)
One in Four American girls have what?
Combined number of 3eb singles..? (spell number)
Stephan doesnt understand why he has so much pain considering hes made of..?
What has Stephan crossed to be with the girl? (3 words, and reference to a song on a popular movie soundtrack)

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