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Which subject did Miss Jones teach?
Who was the inspiration behind Out of the Vein?
Based on the gaps in between albums, in which year is Ursa Minor projected to come out?
Which type of girls does Stephan always think are gonna save him?
In what song does Stephan feel like he is facing a '7 headed whoore.?
Who is the original bass player?
In what song does Stephan make a reference about Kurt Cobain?
What was Third Eye Blinds 2nd single off of Ursa Major?
Before it became Ursa Major, what was the album originally going to be named?
How many former members of 3eb are there? (spell the number out)
Stephans 'celebrity' crush
Which horoscope did Stephan read circa 02-03?
Brads favorite sports team?
Reference from Blue..'That girl was like a (blank)'
Who wrote the Jumper solo?
On what street would people ask Stephan where that crazy girl was?
Icarus may have been many things but which two things was he not?
Stephan felt (blank) when his girl came to take care of him at the bar bc he was trashed..?..
After which holiday does everything start fading?
Charlize was the brilliant girl famous for her..?
Third eye blind encore

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