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Can you name the Children's Programing Theme Songs?

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(0:00-0:28) One of my favorites. A bit obvious.
(0:28-1:00) A heart warming Classic from my childhood.
(1:00-1:22) One of the funniest and most adult shows in Children's Programing history
(1:22-2:07) A great song where the viewer is invited into this wonderful world.
(2:07-2:34) Fun show with a theme you just want to dance to.
(2:34-3:00) One of the greats in educational programing.
(3:00-3:31) An easy one. Everybody knows this classic.
(3:31-4:01) Widely considered one of the catchiest children's television themes. Just try getting the 'woo hoo' out of your head.
(4:01-4:33) Another educational hit. Climb aboard.
(4:33-4:55) Nothing needs to be said about this one.

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