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Can you name the dates of these sculptures and temples?

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Forced Order
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New York Kouros
Berlin Kore
Anavyssos Kouros
Peplos Kore
Temple of Hera at Olympia
1st Temple of Hera at Paestum
Temple of Athene at Paestum
West Pediment at Aphaia
East Pediment at Aphaia
Kritios Boy
The Tyrannicides
The Charioteer at Delphi
Temple of Zeus at Olympia
2nd Temple to Hera at Paestum
The Parthenon
Artemision Zeus
Riace Bronzes
The Diskobolos
Temple of Athene Nike
The Propylaia
The Erechtheion
The Doryphoros
Paionios Nike
The Grave Stele of Hegeso
Temple of Apollo at Bassai
The Tholos Epidauros
The Philippeion at Olympia
Knidian Aphrodite
Apollo Saurokotonos
Hermes and Dionysos
Marathon Boy
Lysippos' Apoxymenos

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