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Forced Order
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QuoteContestantExtra Info
'Gigantic bellend'After Theo chose to couple up with Tyla.
'Dicksand'An unusual but memorable description of Mike.
'Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets'Describing her attitude towards life.
'Little bit leave it'Name of a new rap.
'Don't pick me'When Jess was choosing who to couple up with.
'I'm like a polar bear'Whilst having a serious conversation with Chloe.
'We should exchange book reccomendations'A more sophisticated conversation, compared to others in the villa.
'Paging doctor Marcel'The narrator's way of adressing Marcel.
'The flack is back'During Caroline's second visit to the villa.
'I'd **** you in the hideaway if no-one found out'Just hours before telling Chris she loved him.
'Liv, no hard feelings'During a video call.
'When Jess and Mike left, things went down'Telling Dom about the Jess and Mike rumours.
'Wind your neck in'During one of his and Olivia's many arguments.
QuoteContestantExtra Info
'Why does no-one pick me?'During a break-down after none of the boys picked her for a date.
'I'll just stir things with Jonny'On why he was in the villa.
'I had to pick someone'After she chose to couple up with Amber's boyfriend, Kem.
'Share it with Chris!'During the final.
'We should call him Cash'When thinking up a name for their baby.
‘Breadsticks, celery, carrot'Strange analogy of the Casa Amor girls.
‘I was in a band called The Blazin’ Squad’There is something wrong if you get this one wrong.
‘He’s 100% my type on paper’Another easy one.
'Garlicio'Just testing his Spainsh with some of the locals.
'Keep your tongue to yourself!'Describing her kiss with Sam.
'Our Prime Minister is a woman'During a feminism argument with Camilla.
'Muggy Mike decided to take the girl I like'After Mike chose Olivia.

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