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Nollie Inward Heelflip Carlsbad Gap
Rob Dyrdek skated to this band in 'Memory Screen'
Front Feeble Hubba Hideout
Switch Ollie LOVE Gap
Fakie 360 flip MACBA big four
360 flip street gap (Powell-Fun!)
Varial Heelflip Wallride (Happy Medium)
Last part in Toy Machine's 'Good and Evil'
Shane O'Neill's Nickname
Girl/Chocolate/Lakai/Fourstar website
Frontside Flip Flushing Meadow Stairs
2nd part in Nike SB's 'Debacle'
Well known famous Krooked/Adidas Rider
Comeback video part for _________ in Lakai's 'Fully Flared'
Won Battle At The Berrics 1
Company famous for 'Zip Zinger'
Brad Staba's company under Girl/Chocolate
Thrasher Skater of the Year 1999
Famous 'KC' Skater
Filmer for The Berrics
Opener for Habitat's 'Mosaic'
Skater who died at 24 falling from a hotel window
Switch Flip Nosegrind Pyramid Ledges, NYC
TWS Legend, Filmed a part in one day
Backside 360 Manual Roslyn Banks, LI
actor cameo part in 'Yeah Right!'
Known for skating in all white or all black apparel
Fakie Flip Hollywood 12, Baker 3
Skated to Wolfmother in 'Suffer the Joy'
Set two world records in his DC part
Has his own named grind, looks like a backside 180 to switch back smith
Skater in band 'The Faction'
'His warmup is a nollie nosegrind' -quote from Kenny Anderson about ___________ from 'Hot Chocolate'
Berrics United Nations with a Beatles Song
Skated to Stealers Wheel in 'Cataclysmic Abyss'
Real rider who started his own clothing/shoe shop brand
360 flip noseslide last trick in 'Really Sorry'
Emerica Skater who went from Element -> Toy Machine
Bigflip Carlsbad Gap
Skates for Target!
NJ skater for Habitat
Skated to Broken Social Scene in 88's 'Destroy Everything Now'
Jordan Taylor skated to _________ in Toy Machine's 'Brainwash.'
Company change from Baker -> Toy Machine
Girl rider made famous from Berrics's 'Bang yo' Self'
Last part in 'Right Foot Foward'
Bryan Herman rides for _________ Trucks.
Animal Collective/NYC/Mind Field
'I'm A Cuckoo' by Belle and Sebastian plays for this weekly internet clip from Girl/Chocolate.
Almost all switch Stay Gold part
Company that released 'Vicous Cycle'
Shared a part with Zered Bassett in 'Skate More'
Skater who pretended to be Adelmo Jr. in a LRG ad
2002 Skater of the Year
Rode for Popwar and Vans, now rides for Habitat and CONS
Deathwish was started by two riders from ________.
Kickflip El Toro
Owner of Nocturnal Skateshop in Philadelphia
Company that released 'Photosynthesis'
NYC Filmer for Anthony Pappalardo for the Lakai Video

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