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Time to play the game
Your time is up, my time is now
If ya smell, what ___ _____, is cookin'
You think you know me?
I hear voices in my head
No chance that's just what you got
I think im cute, I know im sexy
I'd walk for miles inside this pit of danger
I lie, I cheat, I steal
Can you dig it, sucka?
Awesome! I came to play
I am a real American
American Dream
Super super superfly
You look fly today
Well, well it's ___ ___ ___
Look in my eyes, what can you see?
My name is ____, and I love to fight
Ooooohhhhh what a rush!
Ain't no stoppin' me no!
I'm the _______, and i'm comming to get you
Don't you see the writing on the walls?
Your ass better call sombodaaaaayyyyy!
I'm an ass man
If you close your eyes you might get the truth revealed
Hahahaha, Money money money money money
Get up, get up, get up, drop the bomshell
We are the Nation
You look so good to me
Stand back, there is a hurricane commin' through
(Crowd) 'You suck, you suck, you suck'
Break the walls down!
Come on, open your eyes and see
No one to stop me, no one controls me
Nothing is gonna say what you've done to me
One of a kind! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Oh radio tell me everything you know

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