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definition of Chadwick's sign
which is the first sign of this medical condition
is associated with use of this centrally-acting drug to control hypertension
which has this common side effect
causes an elevation of this in the blood
may also be elevated when taking this drug for TB
which is also used for this agent of meningitis
is a fermenter of
is digested at this part of the GI tract
which is denuded in this malabsorption disease
which is diagnosed by antibodies to
requires this cation as a cofactor
influx of which causes release of this pancreatic hormone
sensitivity to which is increased by this drug
shares a side effect of metallic taste with
is used as part of triple therapy for
is associated with 100% of ulcers in the
is the site of absorption of
is pathologically elevated in
inherited in this fashion
is also the inheritance for this disease associated with deficient chloride transporters
which commonly presents neonatally with
which is also associated with this failure of neural crest cells to migrate
seen commonly in this most common cause of congenital mental retardation
is inherited 4-5% of the time in this fashion
is the inheritance pattern for this disease with the finding of Auer rods and myeloblasts
which may be treated with
is also used to treat acne vulgaris along with this antibiotic associated with pseudomembranous colitis
which if taken with oral contraceptives may lead to the following clinical sign

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