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Can you name the Movies that made it to the Highest Grossing films of alltime?

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A Disney animated film about a family of superheroes2004
Jack Black lent his voice as a bear that turned out to be the dragon warrior2008
A space opera film that featured Jedi's and space aliens2002
A drunk pirate, Sparrow, and a blacksmith, Bloom, rowed the seas to rescue a princess2003
a psychological thriller that featured Bruce Willis as a psychologist who turns out to be a ghost1999
Tom Hanks won an Oscar for this role, about an Alabama man who can run at lightning speed1994
A vampire film that involved a Schoolgirl marrying a vampire and being best friends of a werewolf 2008
a war between the heroic fractions of alien robots2007
An animated featured film that showed a flying house, an old man, a wilderness explorer an a talking dog2009
A film about the prophecy of the two sons of Adam, and two daughters of Eve2005
A conspiracy film based on the novel by Dan Brown2006
a disaster film that featured the end of the world2009
Your friendly neighborhood is swinging his way to the box-office2002
An animated film that tells a story of a clownfish in search of his abducted son2003
Highest Grossing series of all time with over 6 billion dollars in worldwide receipts2001-2011
Why so serious? its the HIghest Grossing superhero film of all time2008
Toys do talk their way to the top..To Infinity and Beyond1995-2010
This epic movie involved Elves, Wizards, Hobbits, Orcs and more2001-2003
An epic romance and disaster film about the sinking of the largest passenger ship1997
A disabled former marine turned into a 10 foot tall, blue skinned humanoid called Na'vi...currently the highest grossing film2009

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