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QUIZ: Can you name the Facts All About Smallville?

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Smallville's 100th episode
Smallville's 200th episode
First member of the Justice League to appear as a guest star on the series
What episode was he featured?
in what year was the series premiered?
In what episode did Amy Adams appear?
The longest season of Smallville to date
Season with the smallest cast
Lois Lane's 100th appearance
What episode did Perry White appear on the series?
Episode where Clark develops Super Hearing
Clark married her under the influence of red K.
Christopher Reeve made an appearance as?
Episode where Pete Ross reunited with Clark after a long year of absence
Episode that first featured Lois Lane
the last season featuring John Schneider as Jonathan Kent
Clark develops super breath in what episode?
Shortest season to date
Tom Welling made his directorial debut in this episode
Episode featuring the Justice Society of America

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