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Can you name the pre-'Avengers Disassembled' members of the Avengers by their Powers and Abilities?

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Power / AbilityAvengerSource of Power / Ability
Repulsor Rays, Flight, Genius IntellectPower Armor
Godlike Strength, Weather Control, Mystic HammerNorse God
Change Size, Shrink Objects, Genius IntellectPym Particles
Change Size, Flight, Bio-electric StingersBiochemical Augmentation
Unlimited Strength, Superhuman Leaping, See Astral FormsGamma Bomb
Peak Human Physical Abilities, Unbreakable Shield, Expert TacticianSuper-Soldier Serum
Expert Combatant, Grandmaster Marksman, Hi-Tech ArrowsTrained by Swordsman and Trick Shot
Hex Bolts, Reality Manipulation, Chaos MagicMutant
Superhuman Speed, Run Up Walls, Create Wind VortexMutant
Expert Combatant, Master Fencer, Hi-Tech SwordSelf-Trained
Godlike Strength, Immortality, Adamantine MaceOlympian God
Superhuman Senses, Augmented Physical Abilities, Genius IntellectHeart-Shaped Herb
Density Manipulation, Intangibility, FlightAndroid
Expert Swordsman, Scientist, Hi-Tech or Magical SwordsSelf-Trained
Expert Martial Artist, Enhanced Physical Abilities, Expert TacticianRed Room Enhancements
Martial Arts Master, Psychic Empathy, Plant ControlTrained by Priests of Pama
Superhuman Strength, Enhanced Senses, Genius IntellectMutant / Experimental Formula
Telepathy, Martial Arts Master, Genius IntellectTrained by Titanian monks
Sense Mystical Energy, Deflect Mystic Attacks, Martial ArtistGained Powers in Hell
Gunfighter / Trained Combatant / LawyerTrained by gunfighter Ben Dancer
Godlike Strength / Invulnerability / FlightIonic body
Superhuman Strength, Flight, Absorb and Project EnergyHuman-Kree Hybrid
Empathic Link with Birds, Flight Harness, Trained CombatantAltered by Cosmic Cube
Superhuman Agility, Enhanced Senses, Retractable ClawsCat-Human Hybrid
Godlike Strength, Healing Factor, LawyerGamma-Irradiated Blood Tranfusion
Energy Form, Energy Projection, FlightExtra-Dimensional Energy
Euphoria Effect, Superhuman Strength, FlightEternal of Titan
Expert Combatant, Scientist, Hi-Tech BatonsS.H.I.E.L.D. Training
Repulsor Rays, Invisibility, Accomplished PilotPower Armor
Water-breathing, Flight, Godlike StrengthAtlantean/Human Mutant Hybrid
Power / AbilityAvengerSource of Power / Ability
Rock-like Skin, Godlike Strength, Accomplished PilotCosmic Radiation
Telepathy, Hypnosis, PsychiatristMystic Abilities
Expert Combatant, Enhanced Strength, Assorted Hi-Tech WeaponryAvatar of an Egyptian God
Pyrokinesis, Thermal Blasts, FlightRadioactive Meteorite
Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Stamina, Skilled WrestlerAugmentation by Power Broker
Godlike Strength, Near Immortality, FlightEternal
Elasticity, Shape Change, Genius IntellectCosmic Radiation
Invisibility, Negate Invisibility, Force Fields GenerationCosmic Radiation
Superhuman Strength, Expert Combatant, Vibranium ShieldAugmentation by Power Broker
Energy Manipulation, Energy Constructs, Interstellar TravelQuantum Bands
Flame Sheath, Flame Bursts, FlightAndroid
Molecular Transmutation, Immortality, FlightEternal
Superhuman Strength, Enhanced Swimming, Electrical BoltsBattlesuit
Superhuman Reflexes, Wallcrawling, Danger SenseRadioactive Spider Bite
Mass Manipulation, Density Control, ShapeshiftingRadioactive Sand
Superhuman Strength, Invulnerability, Enhanced LeapingToxic Waste
Superhuman Strength, Telescoping Limbs, FlightSentient Robot
Energy Body, Electrical Bolts, FlightTransformed into Living Energy
Superhuman Strength, Wallcrawling, Psychokinetic WebsSpider Venom & Exotic Plant Extracts
Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Earth ManipulationInhuman
Superhuman Strength, Flight, Force BlastsEnchanted Asgardian Mace
Energy Blasts, Flight, Night VisionExtraterrestial Amulet / Android Body
Telekinesis, Force Field, FlightMutant
Microwave Manipulation, Flight, Electromagnetic Energy DisruptionMutant
Enhanced Physical Abilities, Healing Factor, Enhanced SensesImbued with Stolen Power
Mimic Animals, Silver Form, Shape-ShiftDemi-God
Concussive Blasts, Flight, Survive Unprotected in SpaceHalf-Contraxian / Zero Fluid
Shrinking, Communicate with Insects, Electronics TechnicianPym Particles
Superhuman Strength, Energy Blasts, FlightSword of Might

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