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Can you name the members of the Avengers during Bendis' run by their Powers and Abilities?

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Power / AbilityAvengerSource of Power / Ability
Peak Human Physical Abilities, Unbreakable Shield, Expert TacticianSuper-Soldier Serum #%^
Perfectly Copy Others, Expert Combatant, Expert AcrobatPhotographic Reflexes #
Repulsor Rays, Flight, Genius IntellectPower Armor #$^
Unbreakable Skin, Superhuman Strength, Expert CombatantCell Regeneration Experiment #
Invulnerability, Godlike Strength, ResurrectionSerum (or actually the Angel of Death?) #
Superhuman Reflexes, Wallcrawling, Danger SenseRadioactive Spider Bite #
Regenerative Healing Factor, Unbreakable Skeleton, Enhanced SensesMutant #^
Magic Manipulation, Astral Projection, FlightTrained in Mystic Arts by the Ancient One #
Superhuman Chi Focus, Healing, Expert Martial ArtistThe Dragon Shou-Lao the Undying #
Expert Combatant, Grandmaster Marksman, Hi-Tech ArrowsTrained by Swordsman and Trick Shot #%^
Godlike Strength, Immortality, Unsurpassed Combat SkillsOlympian God $
Expert Martial Artist, Enhanced Physical Abilities, Expert TacticianRed Room Enhancements $%
Superhuman Strength, Flight, Absorb and Project EnergyHuman-Kree Hybrid #$
Change Size, Flight, Bio-electric StingersBiochemical Augmentation $
Godlike Strength, Invulnerability, FlightIonic body $
Expert Combatant, Scientist, Hi-Tech BatonsS.H.I.E.L.D. Training #
Superhuman Strength, Flight, Experienced DetectiveRadioactive Chemicals #
Bio-electric 'Venom' Blasts, Wallcrawling, PheromonesGenetic Alterations #^
Cybernetic Arm, Expert Combatant, Expert in EspionageExtensive Military Training #
Genius Intellect, Rapid Mental Calculations, Various Hi-Tech GadgetsEighth Smartest Person on Earth $
Change Size, Shrink Objects, Genius IntellectPym Particles $%
Godlike Strength, Immortality, Adamantine MaceOlympian God $
Superhuman Strength, Optic Energy Beams, Force Field GenerationSentient Robot $
Power / AbilityAvengerSource of Power / Ability
Grow (when angry), Shrink (when guilty), Trained CombatantPym Particles $
Superhuman Strength, Expert Combatant, Vibranium ShieldAugmentation by Power Broker $
Density Manipulation, Shape-Shifting, Energy ManipulationSentient Iron Lad Armor $
Superhuman Speed, Run Up Walls, Create Wind VortexMutant $
Expert Martial Artist, Expert in Espionage, Expert TacticianS.H.I.E.L.D. Training %
Shrinking, Flight, Communicate with InsectsArmor Developed by Hank Pym %
Superhuman Strength, Enhanced Senses, Genius IntellectMutant / Experimental Formula %
Expert Combatant, Enhanced Strength, Assorted Hi-Tech WeaponryAvatar of an Egyptian God %
Flight, Superhuman Durability, Life Support SystemsMember of an Intergalactic Police Force %
Godlike Strength, Weather Control, Mystic HammerAsgardian God ^
Repulsor Rays, Invisibility, Accomplished PilotPower Armor %
Superhuman Strength, Flight, ScientistEndowed With Powers by Merlyn and Roma %^
Rock-like Skin, Godlike Strength, Accomplished PilotCosmic Radiation #
Enhanced Reflexes, Wallcrawling, Pain / Stimulus SuppressionKree Enhanced with Insect DNA ^
Heat Generation, Godlike Strength, Expert Military StrategistGamma Radiation and Cosmic Rays ^
Superhuman Senses, Radar Sense, LawyerExposure to Radioactive Waste #
Vibration Generation, Expert Combatant, Expert in EspionageDaughter of a Supervillain (Mutant?) ^
Weather Control, Flight, Expert ThiefMutant ^
Density Manipulation, Intangibility, FlightAndroid ^
Flame Sheath, Flame Bursts, FlightAndroid %
Camouflage Ability, Organic Webbing, Superhuman StrengthAlien Symbiote %
Superhuman Strength, Enchanted Sword, Perceive the Approach of DeathAsgardian Warrior Goddess %

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