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Spider-Man's Real name
Spider-Man's First appearance
Spider-Man's Motto
What he calls his ability to sense danger
Mother's name
Father's name
Parents' occupation
Parents' cause of death
Villain that used androids to imitate Spider-Man's parents
This villain's real name
Uncle's name
Who killed his uncle
Aunt's name
Aunt May's fiance when she ran a boarding home
Villain that caused her fiance's death
This villain's real name
Aunt May's second husband
Peter grew up in this neighborhood
His high school
He bullied Peter in high school
Peter had a crush on her in high school
Her step-brother
He became this villain
Liz Allan's ex-husband (Peter's best friend)
Name of their son
Harry Osborn's second son's mother
She is this goblin-like villain
Peter's first long term job
Newspaper he primarily worked for
The publisher (until recently)
Former publisher's current occupation
His second wife
His son
His son's occupation
And he occasionally turns into what monstrous character
Daily Bugle's (usual) editor-in-chief
His son
Bugle reporter that was secretly the Big Man
He bought out the Bugle and renamed it the DB
The Bugle's best investigative reporter
Newspaper he eventually went on to found
The other major paper Peter has sold pics
Its long-time editor
Peter's first girlfriend
Her job when they met
The woman who replaced her in this position
The man Betty eventually married
Peter's first true love
Where she was killed
Villain who killed her
This villain's real name
Gwen's father
Villain who killed him
This villain's real name
Mentally unstable woman Peter briefly dated in grad school
Peter's girlfriend who appeared only in Marvel Team-Up
Former villain turned Spidey's partner & girlfriend
Her real name
Who did Spider-Man marry
Her aunt who lived next door to Aunt May
MJ's occupation
Their stillborn daughter (Spider-Girl in alt reality)
Supernatural entity that nullified their marriage
Crime scene investigator Peter recently dated
Spider-Man is a member of this group of Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Peter currently works here as an inventor
His boss there
Spider-Man's best super-hero friend
This hero's real name
He is a founding member this team
Villain who became a monster trying to grow back his arm
This villain's real name
His son's name (HE ATE HIM!!)
Spidey villain that is a founding member of the Frightful Four
This villain's real name
Villain who committed suicide after burying Spidey alive
This villain's real name
Villain who can electro-statically disrupt Spidey's wall-crawling
This villain's real name
Villain who had a career in movie special effects
This villain's real name
Villain who was a P.I. before gaining powers
This villain's real name
Villain who created the earliest Spider-Slayer robots
'His son, who has taken up the Spider-Slayer legacy'
Classic Spider-Man villain known to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk
This villain's real name
Villain who attacks with vibrations from his fists
This villain's real name
Villain who says he's only a humble dealer of spices
This villain's real name
His son
Who becomes this villain
Villain who becomes a monster trying to cure his blood disease
This villain's real name
Costumed identity created after someone steals Green Goblin tech
Many people have used the above identity. He was the first
He was brainwashed and killed by villain above to test Goblin Formula
Villain who created clones of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy
This villain's real name
Vigilante he manipulates into trying to kill Spider-Man
This vigilante's real name
'The first failed clone, who suffers from degeneration'
First successful clone of Spider-Man
'Besides Spider-Man, other costumed identity used by this clone'
Black costume from the Secret Wars is really a...
The disgraced reporter that bonds with the black costume
They became...
The black costume's offspring bonded with this serial killer
They became...
Female assassin that Spider-Man accidentally killed with a punch
Spider-Man was fighting him at the time
Spider-Man instinctively dodged this villains' shotgun blast resulting in the death of a bystander
This villain's real name
Spider-Man's friend on the police force that this villain murdered
Green and purple clad ally of Spider-Man (briefly a villain)
His real name
Marvel's first Hispanic superhero (went to college with Spider-Man)
His real name
Female ally to Spidey who is a leader of a mercenary group
Name of her mercenary group
She is from this small European nation next to Latveria
'Her ex-husband, a villain and super-assassin'
Costumed villain who commissioned the above to have Ned Leeds killed and took over Hobgoblin identity
His real name

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