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Forced Order
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The basic species against which all others are measured.
A species of tall, long-lived elf, with many enhanced aptitudes.
An underground species of elf, smaller and weaker than others, but with incredible magical ability.
A degenerate elf better at magic that other elves shun, such as Necromancy, Transmutations, and Earth Magic.
A cousin of the mountain dwarf, unable to regenerate but with a strong empathy for the earth and the ability to intrinsically resist small doses of damage.
A brutish species, related to the cave orcs who can be found all over the Dungeon and in the Orcish Mines.
An aquatic, magical race of half-humanoids, half-fish that thrive in the water.
A small humanoid. Cannot use large weapons and is poor with most magic, but otherwise quite hardy and stealthy.
A tiny, hateful lizard-like being with a powerful stomach.
A very small fairy-like humanoid.
A humanoid with a serpentine lower half.
A humanoid with a horse's lower half.
Enormous and bloodthirsty, its interests include hitting things and throwing things.
Even larger and stronger than the ogre, with huge claws, incredible regeneration and near-infinite hunger.
A brawny, bipedal bovine species.
A bird-like species with a beak, talons and a propensity for violence.
A humanoid dragon, which eventually matures into a random adult form, with different aptitudes based on its colour.
A human with divine heritage that prevents them from worshipping any god.
A person with a demonic heritage.
Animated by an unholy magic, this dry and bandaged corpse needs no food to survive.
A terrible undead corpse which must eat the flesh of others to maintain its life force.
A sneaky, undead humanoid which gains life by drinking fresh blood.
A sentient housecat, severely limited in body slots and unable to use most items, but with increased speed and multiple lives.
An amphibious squid-like creature with eight tentacles
Defunct dwarf
Other defunct dwarf
Defunct elf
Other defunct elf
Defunct tiny humanoid

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