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Can you name the official U.S. State Foods?

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StateFoodFood Type
AlabamaState nut
AlabamaState fruit
AlabamaState tree fruit
ArkansasState fruit/vegetable
ArkansasState grain
CaliforniaState fruit
CaliforniaState grain
CaliforniaState nut
CaliforniaState vegetable
ColoradoState pastry
ConnecticutState cookie
ConnecticutState dessert
ConnecticutState prepared dish
Delaware State dessert
FloridaState pie
FloridaState fruit
GeorgiaState prepared food
GeorgiaState fruit
GeorgiaState vegetable
HawaiiState muffin
IdahoState food
IdahoState fruit
IllinoisState snack food
IllinoisState fruit
IllinoisState pie
IndianaState pie
KentuckyState fruit
LouisianaState fruit
LouisianaState jelly #1
LouisianaState jelly #2
LouisianaState meat pie
LouisianaState donut
LouisianaState vegetable
MaineState dessert
MaineState fruit
MaineState soft drink
MaineState treat
MarylandState food
StateFoodFood Type
MarylandState dessert
MassachusettsState berry
MassachusettsState muffin
MassachusettsState bean
MassachusettsState dessert
MassachusettsState cookie
MassachusettsState doughnut
MinnesotaState fruit
MinnesotaState grain
MinnesotaState muffin
MinnesotaState mushroom
MissouriState dessert
New HampshireState fruit
New HampshireState vegetable
New JerseyState fruit
New MexicoState cookie
New MexicoState vegetable #1
New MexicoState vegetable #2
New YorkState muffin
New YorkState fruit
New YorkState snack
North CarolinaState blue berry
North CarolinaState red berry
North CarolinaState fruit
North CarolinaState vegetable
North DakotaState fruit
OhioState fruit
OhioState nut
OklahomaState meal #1
OklahomaState meal #2
OklahomaState meal #3
OklahomaState meal #4
OklahomaState meal #5
OklahomaState meal #6
OklahomaState bean
OklahomaState treat
OklahomaState dessert
OklahomaState fruit #1
StateFoodFood Type
OklahomaState fruit #2
OregonState fruit
OregonState mushroom
OregonState nut
Rhode IslandState drink
Rhode IslandState fruit
South CarolinaState fruit
South CarolinaState vegetable
South CarolinaState snack food
South DakotaState dessert
South DakotaState bread
TennesseeState fruit
TexasState bread
TexasState dish
TexasState fruit
TexasState health nut
TexasState pastry #1
TexasState pastry #2
TexasState pepper
TexasState native pepper
TexasState snack
TexasState vegetable
UtahState fruit
UtahState historic vegetable
UtahState snack food
UtahState vegetable
VermontState fruit
VermontState pie
VirginiaState muffin
VirginiaState dessert
WashingtonState fruit
WashingtonState vegetable
West VirginiaState fruit
WisconsinState fruit
WisconsinState grain
WisconsinState pastry

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