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Uruk-hai Captain at Cirith Ungol
Sauron's Lieutennant and Leader of Nazgul
Age of Bilbo at the time of his party
Force called on by Sauron from the East
Swore allegiance to steward of Gondor
Riverfolk who killed his friend to get the ring
Short and stocky race
Wizard who led fellowship up until Moria
Creature that lives outside gates of Moria
Creature who lived under mountains with ring
Poisoned the King of Rohan for Saruman
Stayed in Rohan after helping to destroy Isengard
Creatures that overran Moria
Place where Sauron was defeated at first
Gift to Fellowship that helps them hide
Shepherds of the forest
King of Gondor and Arnor who was part of the Fellowship
Elven bread
Daughter of Elrond
Men sized race, but with magical abilities
Sword that was broken, then reforged
Ancient battleground, now flooded
Battlefield outside of Minas Tirith
Giant Spider who lived near Cirith Ungol
Mountain range running North to South
Place where Gandalf the Grey fought the Balrog
Riverfolk who found ring in the Gladden river
Bartender at Green Dragon
Chased hobbits out of his crop
King of Gondor and Arnor who killed Sauron
Dwarf lord of Moria
Lord of Lothlorien
Tower of Eye of Sauron
Abandoned fortress where Ring-bearer was stabbed
Pass into Mordor; Shelob's lair
Friendly flying Creatures
Ferry used to cross Brandywine river
Elf who came to aid at Helm's Deep
Leader of the friendly flying creatures
Place where people travel to Undying Lands
People from Rohan
Son of Steward of Gondor who was part of Fellowship
Dwarf who was in the Fellowship
Race that lived in Rohan and Gondor
Gift to Ring-Bearer that gives out light
Found ring under mountains 60 years earlier
Nephew of King of Rohan
Ring of Power created by Sauron
Capitol city of Rohan
Son of King of Rohan
Durin's Bane; fought and killed Gandalf the Grey
City-fortress of Mordor; Home of the Nine
Orc commander who led Siege of Minas Tirith
Seeing stone used By Saruman
Large creatures rode by Easterlings
Accompanied the Ring-bearer to destroy it
Bar in Hobbiton
Steward of Gondor
Age Lord of the Rings takes Place
Father of the dwarf in the Fellowship
Forest where Ents lived
Fortress where Rohirrim fall back to
Tall, fair, and wise race
Leader at Last Homely House
Base of operations for white council
Village in Middle-Earth east of the Shire
River running through Gondor and Rohan
Messager for Sauron
Place where Boromir was killed
Mineral mined in Moria, Stronger than Steel
Greatest kingdom of Men in Middle-Earth
Troll that lives in caves
leader of Uruk-hai after Lurtz was killed
Elf captain at Gorgoroth plateau
King of Rohan
Leader of the tree-people
Son of Steward of Gondor; led Rangers
Short race with hairy feet
Orc who tried to kill Merry and Pippin
Crow-like spies of Saruman
Wolf-like creatures
Dark Lord who forged the One Ring
Captain of Guard in Rohan's capitol
Gave gifts to fellowship
Relative of Bilbo who wants Bag End
Inn in Bree
Capital city of Gondor
Cross bred Orcs that were much more powerfull
Niece of King of Rohan
Fields where Isildur lost the ring
Frodo Is Great, Who Is That?
Town in the Shire
Forest home to Elves
Homeland of the hobbits
Orc captain at Cirith Ungol
Undead Kings of men corrupted by Sauron
Elf of the Fellowship
Was left ring by uncle
Main way to get into Mordor
Tower at Isengard
Sword given to Ring-bearer by his uncle
Wizard who fell to the ring's power
City of Gondor, first defense against Mordor
Kingdom of Men who rode horses
Kingdom of Balin under mountains
Captain of Rohan
Main soldiers of Sauron
Pass that Fellowship tried to take over mountains
Mountain where the ring can be destroyed
Uruk-Hai leader who killed Boromir
King of Gondor and Arnor who was killed by Sauron

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